Is Changing Blog Design Risky?

4:30 PM

Now and then, a string appears at the Warrior Gathering that asks a better than average inquiry. At the beginning of today, one such question smacked me right in the face and it truly made them consider this issue. In the event that you change the design of your blog, something I have done a few times, is it risky? Great inquiry. It wasn't something I truly contemplated as of recently. In any case, continue perusing to get my own interpretation of this issue. Actually, you will need to do your own particular testing.

There are basically two concerns when changing the design of your blog. The one worry is with rankings. The other concern is with the maintenance of your readership. So we should take each of these concerns each one in turn beginning with rankings since that is the particular case that bloggers are most concerned with.

The fact of the matter is, no one comprehends what changing a blog design will do to rankings. They may go up, down, or be absolutely unaffected. Recall that, we're not changing the substance of the blog itself...just the way that it looks. Hypothetically, a web search tool, for example, Google, shouldn't give a second thought what your blog looks like the length of the substance is important. Anyhow, since no one truly knows everything that goes into Google's calculation in deciding rankings, by changing your blog design, you are basically taking a danger. How huge a danger relies on upon how pertinent design itself is to rankings. Those are the actualities and can't be debated until Google really turns out and says that design DOES assume a noteworthy part and transforming it WILL influence your rankings.

In any case, how about we disregard rankings until further notice. Shouldn't something be said about your long time perusers? Granted, the individuals first going to your blog won't even know its another design. They'll assess this design on its own...good or awful. Yet, the individuals who have been going to your blog for some time, what do you think may happen on the off chance that they see another blog design? Do you believe its unrealistic that they may feel that they're in the wrong place? All things considered, what they're taking a gander at isn't what they're accustomed to taking a gander at. In this way, its truly possible that they'll see the new design and explore far from your blog in light of the fact that they DO believe they're in the wrong place. On that level alone, changing your blog design IS risky.

Having said all that, would it be advisable for you to isn't that right? Indeed, it depends. Is your present design monstrous? It is safe to say that you are not getting much activity? Is your bob rate high? In the event that you addressed yes to those inquiries, then sincerely, you don't have anything to lose by changing the design. Yet, in the event that you're blog is number one in the SERPs, you're getting 10,000 visitors a day and you're making six figures a year, changing your blog design could be suicide.

So whatever you choose, choose shrewdly.

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