The Pros And Cons Of Using WordPress For Sales Letters

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This is not a subject that gets examined frequently but rather with the expanding pattern of everyone and their grandma swinging to WordPress for, well, pretty much everything, I think it is imperative that we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing WordPress for direct mail advertisements. In the case of nothing else, I think this article will give you a great deal of something worth mulling over. 

How about we begin with the undeniable stars of utilizing WordPress for direct mail advertisements. As you most likely are aware, beside the genuine composed duplicate, you require the direct mail advertisement to really look great. All things considered, outlining in HTML can be a genuine bother. Also, in case you're truly awful with coding and illustrations, you need to contract some individual to do it for you, accordingly cutting into your benefits. With WordPress, all you need to stress over is the real composed duplicate. The configuration is all incorporated right with the subject that you choose to utilize. 

Lamentably, that is the place the professionals end. At any rate as I would see it as a publicist. There are a greater number of cons to this than you can even check. I'm not going to go over all of them but rather I will go more than a couple of them. 

At the highest priority on the list is the way that you have truly no influence over the inward workings of WordPress. In the event that a plugin changes or breaks, your direct mail advertisement goes down the tubes until you get the plugin either settled or supplanted with another one. What's more, if another one doesn't exist, you're truly up the rivulet. With HTML you are in control of everything. How about we put it thusly. I've never seen a HTML direct mail advertisement break. 

Another tremendous con to utilizing WordPress is with regards to rolling out improvements in the design...even the most basic changes. With HTML, everything you need is a WYSIWYG editorial manager. Furthermore, these you can even download free of charge on the web. With WordPress, you have to really comprehend the structure of WordPress itself to roll out any improvement by any stretch of the imagination. In case you're in fact tested, this can be an amazing task. 

At last, and my no methods is this the end of the cons, part testing your direct mail advertisement while utilizing WordPress is a genuine agony in the butt. With HTML everything you need is a straightforward script to carry out the occupation. With WordPress, not all that straightforward. What's more, once more, in case you're a specialized bonehead, you'll have to contract some individual to accomplish it for you. 

What's more, the above just begins to expose what's underneath. Main concern for me is straightforward. In case you're a starting marketing specialist or considering doing duplicate for your own item, PLEASE stay far from WordPress. I adore it for websites and even participation locales, however for direct mail advertisements, its a serious torment in the butt. 

I need to express gratitude toward Paul Hancox for the motivation for this article as he brought this point up over at the Warrior Gathering just as of late. Paul is a super shrewd fellow and it HE'S against WordPress for direct mail advertisements, you can wager your every last cent that there is something to it. Also, I concur with him 100%. 

Take that for whatever its worth to you. 

Say NO to WordPress for direct mail advertisements.

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