Why Doesn't ClickBank Notify Me Of Sales?

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In case you're an affiliate advertiser, you're presumably asking why ClickBank doesn't inform you when you get a deal, like what PayDotCom does. Indeed, there is a long story behind this. In case you're an old clock, you most likely recall the days when you got notices as an affiliate. For you new individuals, this article clarifies what happened and why you will most likely never see an affiliate deal warning from ClickBank again. 

When I initially began advancing ClickBank items, in 2003, I was getting these affiliate deal warnings by the truck load. It was an incredible feeling. At the same time, then I began pondering about those super affiliates who were likely getting ten times the same number of notices as I might have been. Their email boxes more likely than not been full to the overflow. And after that that made them think some more. What might be said about those new affiliates who didn't realize that these were advancing and simply happened to get their email boxes loaded down with comparative notices that were really spam. You know which messages I'm discussing. It's difficult to differentiate between the two.

Indeed, you got it. A great deal of these affiliates, thinking the email from ClickBank was simply more spam (thank you spammers for botching our lives), reported these messages to their ISP. Clearly, enough of these messages were accounted for that ClickBank really had a few issues with THEIR ISP. Subsequently, they had no real option except to cease sending affiliate deal messages as they couldn't hazard having their facilitating hauled out from under them. That would have been a noteworthy disaster. At any rate, that is the story. That is the reason you don't get affiliate deal warnings from ClickBank. 

Alright, so what would you be able to do about it? All things considered, what you can do is put a tracker on your affiliate links. No, it won't let you know whether some person really clicks through to the installment page, as that experiences the seller pay link, yet it will let you know what number of individuals have been to your affiliate link. In the event that there are no clicks for a given day, you realize that there is little probability of a deal. Yes, there are special cases that I won't get into here. On the other hand, on the off chance that you get numerous clicks, a basic check of your ClickBank account toward the end of every day will tell you what number of offers you've gotten.

No, its not immaculate and it does oblige you to do a tad bit of work, however its the best we have given what we need to work with. Like I said, you can thank the spammers for these migraines. I'm interested in respect to how PayDotCom hasn't been hit with the same issue as despite everything I get deals messages as an affiliate from them at whatever point I make a deal.

Perhaps that is an inquiry I ought to ask Mike Filsaime one day.

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