Is the Traditional Squeeze Page Still Effective?

2:24 AM
I get a laugh from a portion of the inquiries that get asked over at the Warrior Discussion. It's fair so clever what individuals will get tied up with. Today's putting forth is this one. "Is the standard press page still viable?" In case you're an ordinary Internet advertiser, you presumably utilize one of these yourself. So you most likely know the answer...for you. Ok, yet the issue has thus been identified. Befuddled? Indeed, sit back, unwind, and read what I need to share on this subject. It isn't what you believe it will be. 

One of the things that I learned (and it took me Quite a while to learn it) is that there are no absolutes around here. Each and every day you hear decrees by different marketers. 

Long sales copy is dead.

Article marketing isn't as viable as it used to be. 

Also, the decrees continue endlessly. You'd surmise that the sky opened up and some celestial animal tumbled down from it uncovering all the truths about Internet marketing. Indeed, the fact of the matter is, there ARE no truths. What lives up to expectations for John Doe may not work for you. 

However, why? Why is that so? Can any anyone explain why for John Doe, his press pages perform like gangbusters but for you, they don't do squat. That is to say, possibly they work or they don't...right? 


There are numerous variables that go into the adequacy of a press page. The niche itself for one thing. A few niches are more fatigued and heedless to press pages. Different niches are anxious about them just on the grounds that they are so far expelled from purchasing things online that they're reluctant to impart their email location to you or anybody. They obviously never knew about garbage email accounts. 

The look of the press page itself becomes possibly the most important factor similarly as adequacy. Distinctive niches will react to diverse looks. You absolutely can't expect a crush page intended for rappers hoping to get a record arrangement to execute also with the same look focused on towards individuals why should watching escape from obligation. They'll be running for the slopes when they see all that fabulousness. 

I took in quite a while back that absolutes will execute you. Anyone who says that some thing either lives up to expectations or doesn't work Constantly, is extraordinarily misled. There is no such creature. 

In this way, the response to this inquiry is basic. 

Test and figure out for yourself. 

That is the Main way you're going to know.

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